Selective Racking System

is one of the most popular storage systems from T.P.S. It provides 100-percent accessibility and ensures smooth, practically obstacles-free and faultless stock rotation. In addition to that, it comes with great flexibility being fully adjustable and easily installed. Equipment and capital investment for this selective racking system is also the most economical and efficient.

Double – Deep Racking System

Designed to increase storage capacity, double-deep racking system is capable to store two pallets deep in a single-entry rack or four pallets deep in a double entry rack. This system is particularly beneficial when the throughput is low while fast movement of pallets is not critical. A special reaching truck with double-pantograph or extendable fork is used in this racking system.

Drive – In & Drive Through Racking Systems

Created to offer maximum storage capacity by using up only minimum space, this drive-in drive-through racking system consists of blocks undivided by aisles. This system is designed to efficiently suit the storage of homogeneous products in large quantity. Picking and storage is facilitated by forklift trucks driving right into the racks. 

Drive-In Racking: Picking and replenishment are carried out from one side.

Drive-Through: Both sides of the racking are used.

Very Narrow Asile (VNA) Racking Systems

Carefully-designed with no compromise on durability and safety, T.P.S.'s Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) racking systems feature aisles that are marginally yet sufficiently wider than the loads, making full use of roof height to create ultimate storage capacity for space-concerned customers. The system maintains the essential 100%-accessibility and outstanding goods protection feature to ensure quick picking rate and flawless stock rotation. 

VNA forklift truck equipment that comes with either man-up or man-down cabins that are capable of reaching higher beam levels are used in this exceptionally competent system.

Rack Supported

Storage and picking of small- or medium-sized goods can never be easier and cost-effective with the use of T.P.S.'s multi-tier racking system. The system is particularly beneficial when there is sufficient room height. Accessible by staircases and loading gates, the exposed areas of the platform are installed with safety handrails. Shelf levels can either be decked with steel decking panels or plywood. Various types of floor decking materials are available - timber, plain steel plates, chequered steel plates, expanded mesh or mesh grating.

Mobile Racking

Choose the racks according to the material you need to store. Mobile racking will save you time, energy and therefore running costs. You will store almost twice more, than in an ordinary stationary rack.

Pallet Flow

With the pallet flow system, T.P.S. is covering a large range of applications to improve the overall performance of warehousing and distribution centres. From FIFO (First In First Out) to LIFO (Last In First Out) applications, from Buffer to Picking and Dispatch lanes, T.P.S. always has the right solution to cover your needs.
All the FIFO lanes from T.P.S. are equipped with a safety separator to smoothly remove the pallet before releasing the next pallet into the pick location. This separator allows you to work with all common pallet weight and size ranges (from 60Kg to 1400Kg and from 600 to 1200mm deep).The T.P.S. speed controllers keep the pallet at 0.3m/s constant speed whatever the pallet weight.The Interroll roller housing is a combination of dedicated bearing and techno polymer parts for better impact absorption and ultimately, longer life time. The special labyrinth design protects the bearing from damp or dust. All T.P.S. pallet flow systems are qualified at the T.P.S. test center in La Roche sur Yon, France: With 50.000 test cycles, T.P.S. l products are even certified to withstand chilled (0/5 °C) and deep freeze (-28 °C) temperatures and still provide smooth and even pallet movement. You can thus enjoy a long life of the installation with the highest safety level.